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Nursing Education for HydroPrep Lavage Bowel Preparation

Colon HydroPrep Solutions (CHPS) was established in 2013 as a continuing education provider to offer nurses, hospitals and endoscopy centers the best practice pathway for on-site integration of HydroPREP, a lavage bowel preparation method for colonoscopy; a safe, effective and more tolerable approach.  HydroPREP is a regulated procedure to wash out material from the walls of the bowel,  from rectum to cecum, with controlled bowel evacuation. Differentiated and separate from colonic irrigation* (colonic hydrotherapy), lavage bowel preparation is an emerging medical procedure for precolonoscopy cleansing. Therapeutic value and clinical success is demonstrated by Danbury Hospital, in Connecticut, and Barton Hosptial, in California, with both facilities offering lavage bowel preparation method for colonoscopy. It’s gentle on the body, leading to greater patient compliance, more successful exams, and better outcomes.

HydroPREP for precolonoscopy bowel cleansing combines mild laxatives plus a clear liquid ‘day before’ protocol, followed by HydroPREP lavage procedure the morning of colonoscopy. HydroPREP safely and gently cleanses the large intestine with purified water and is administered by a registered nurse following standardized operating and governing regulations. The lavage instrumentation is a closed system (from anus to waste management) and uses one-time disposables for each patient. A nurse monitors the patient for tolerance and lavage indicators, and performs the procedure controlling pressure, water flow, evacuation management, temperature and duration to safely and effectively wash out the bowel. It’s safe for renal patients, and causes no disturbance in electrolytes.

HydroPREP can help solve common patient problems including prep intolerance and inadequate preps, while offering a safe, effective and more tolerable bowel prep for colonoscopy to enhance the overall colonoscopy experience.  Hospital proven, doctor endorsed, HydroPREP has lead to greater patient activation resulting in more hydrated and rested patients, fewer intolerance problems, and excellent visual clarity for detection of polyps.


Gastroenterologist Dan Norman, MD FACP FACG and Susan Frailey, BSN RN CGRN

Gastroenterologist Dan Norman, MD FACP FACG and Susan Frailey, BSN RN CGRN

HydroPREP On-Site Solution for Hospitals and Endoscopy Centers

Bring  HydroPREP to your accredited facility.

Nurses can earn CE’s by completing the HydroPrep on-line Training for Registered Nurses to learn HydroPrep method for lavage bowel preparation performance skills and procedural policy. Colon HydroPrep Solutions is provider approved by the California Board of Nursing, Provider Number 15792. Certificate and training is for use in accredited medical facilities offering lavage bowel preparation method. Not for private business use by individual nurses.

HydroPREP training incorporates documents for facility accreditation requirements necessary for state and federal surveyors.  Procedural policy, nurse navigation policy, patient education forms, patient instruction form, patient consent, nursing documentation (computer format), performance evaluation are some of the templates used in training and available for customized use at your facility.

Integrate HydroPrep into your facility with your team members or collaborate with CHPS  for on-site Facility Integration and Department Procurement to assist with new service integration. We will be happy to help define your needs and goals to deliver clinical excellence on day one of “go-live”. Program Director: Susan Frailey, BSN RN CGRN.

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*as defined by Medicare National Coverage Determinations Manual 100.7